Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rhubarb Murdoch

So, there I was thinking...'well that's encouraging, I've had a little spike in my stats since jotting down my thoughts yesterday on the news international saga (refer to previous blog). And so soon after I posted it! Maybe I have finally hit the blogger zeitgeist, maybe my scribblings are catching people's eyes with their immense insightfulness, maybe I'll have arianna emailing any moment to lure me to the huffty post uk... Maybe it's all that, plus the fact that I changed the name of my blog to 'rhubarb rhubarb', which frankly I am much happier with.'

So, intrigued, I thought i'd just check to see what key words those well-informed international intellectuals had googled to find me.

To my disappointment I discovered that my spike was down to a simple phonetic (and spelling) error on the part of a those wishing to get up to speed on matters affecting news corp. In hunting for information relating to the uk's biggest newspaper baron they'd tapped in the words...
'Rhubarb murdock' then after that attempt, 'Rhubarb murdoch'...

Sigh. In true Rupert Murdoch style I plan to continue unabashed.

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