Sunday, July 17, 2011

New URL -

Enthused by my new name for this blog - Rhubarb Rhubarb (much more reflective of tone and content) I decided to change the URL accordingly

This of course was somewhat short-sighted, as anyone who had logged the previous URL or clicks on posts under the url received a rather ominous This Blog No Longer Exists message. It is not libel police, copyright infringement forces, or parliamentary committees shutting me down but just lil ol me, who'd failed to see the consequences of tampering with her own blogspot.

Therefore I have reverted back to old URL to warn anyone out there who may be listenng, reading, paying the vaguest bit of attention that I will be switching the url to the above in the next few days.

Please look me up there and if you've registered to receive email updates please re register.

Am hoping i'll be able to cling on to a smattering of followers...

In case you're wondering, I couldn't get rhubarb rhubarb.blogspot. You would be right to question whether all this halabalooh was really worth it. I too am asking myself the same question.

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