Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sheer class

Tis true.  I admit there may, on this here blog, have been the odd weary mutter and dispairing sigh at some aspects of British psyche.  But there is no nationality I'd rather be after yesterday's performance.  It was pure class, breathtaking beauty, pomp and pageantry at its jaw-dropping best, and nobody in the world could do it better. Never considered myself a Monarchist but frankly, long live it.  This was an event that has singlehandedly restored global respect in our little battered Isles, and lifted the mood, nationwide.  Makes one puff one's little chest up with pride.

What's more, those Middletons are utterly gorgeous, all of them.  What cheekbones, hair, elegance and poise!  She may not be blue-blooded, but thank God!  There may at last be a glimmer of hope that the delectable Duchess's pristine genes mingling with Windsor blood finally do away with the long face and horsey gnashers that so predominate the clan.


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