Friday, March 11, 2011

Tatler - a commoner's insight

Bought Tatler the other day. Was keen to see how the highly respected Kate Reardon had made her mark as new ed.   

Had never properly looked  at Tatler before.  Golly, it's frightfully posh isn't it?  Very much the debutante's mag, even in these days.  It still has a 'Prettiest Schoolgirls' feature for goodness sake.  And a most eligible bachelor section.  By 'eligible' read 'freshly-divorced and loaded'.  Most of them were bankers.

We found out where, if you're super rich and influential you should buy your next £15m pad, in order to ensure you mix with the equally rich and influential.  Beware all you yokel locals in Oxfordshire, near the border with Gloucestershire, the money-drippers are invading. 

Where men featured (generally in ads) they were smug, blazered, well manicured young men, and the female model adorning the editorial fashion pages had her lips lined in a such a way that can only be described as, well, snooty.  All the parties looked a little bit ra, and even cover girl Naomi Watts was decked out in bowler hat and tails for her shoot.

It is an interesting strategy for a magazine, this exclusive targeting of the hoity-toity.  I mean just how many girls are still out there who fall into the super-dooper 'Daddy's got a 50 footer moored in St Tropez' set?

Obviously from an advertising perspective they can boast quality of audience if not quantity, plus much of the tone and style of the editorial hinted at aspirations of Vanity Fair, where Reardon previously resided as contributing editor.  But I don't know, can such a concept for a monthly glossy really be viable these days? Or am I societally deluded?  Perhaps the pearls and twinset brigade is very much alive and kicking in circles I do not move in.  Judging by the prettiest schoolgirls section, it looks like the next generation are being impeccably groomed to extend the line.  Just so long as they marry well.  Well, they know where to look.   


  1. Imogen, with Those Eyebrows, how can you fail to be anything but posh? Certainly more than good enough for Tatler!

  2. Alas, I fear I will now never be posh. It's the parents I blame.