Friday, January 7, 2011

Opera karaoke

So, new year, new take on karaoke. Opera arias.

Be quite funny don't you think? Can't claim to be an opera buff but know the odd tune, and it was as I was driving home one dusky evening through the countryside that I thought, I know, just for fun I'll switch to radio 3. And I am very glad I did, as i had one of the most exhilarating, soul-stirring drives of my life.

Violetta, soprano, you know, beautiful courtesan in La Traviata, had just began sempre libera, one of a handful of arias I recognise and as I zipped down empty country lanes, under leafy arches of low hanging branches, watching owls fly across my path (not making it up, tis true) I sang along. At the top of my voice. By 'top', read volume and range. Very cathartic, and quite hilarious, and of course something that one should only ever attempt in a sound-sealed capsule, like a car, or possibly a bathroom, with pelting power shower. Unless of course drunk and amongst friends also very drunk. Hence the idea for opera karaoke.
(Ref: anna netrebko sempre libra)

Well, it's great to sing while under the influence. You always sound better pickled, and an inebriated audience will always show utmost appreciation. Recalling that great Mel Brooks riff about how the leading cause of death amongst jews is down to their insistence on singing Dancing in the Dark at parties. They eat too much, they drink too much then proceed to belt out the ol' favourite always starting in the wrong key. One that's too high. As the song rises in pitch so the strain to reach the notes becomes overwhelming, ultimately resulting, at pitch pinnacle, in stroke or cardiac arrest.

When in party mood, however life-threatening, the urge to sing is irresistible, and tired of the old karaoke playlists - elvis, abba, beatles yadda yadda, we need something more, well, challenging. Work that voice.

Opera karaoke, soprano singstar, the quite obvious gap in the market. What every sozzled soiree's crying out for.

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