Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fingertip tapping - an iPad amateur's review

So, am now proud owner of an iPad (refer back to entry 25/11/10).

Who'd have thought a few years ago we'd spend our days screen tapping? I predict a whole new RSI epidemic as fingers attempt to tap not type. And with precision. The strain required to ensure the right letters are hit on the keyboard, the correct words cut and pasted and inserted at that precise point in the paragraph, not to mention, the tremor control required to avoid those dreaded fat-fingered erroneous 'sends', will, i predict hit new limits.

To counter this my fingers receive daily workouts on the pad because I remain convinced that the it is the future when it comes to the written word. That said, as a user i've discovered some anomalies...

Firstly when reading a newspaper, it's surprising how unsettling it is not to know, indeed feel where the publication starts and ends. On the iPad you can 'turn' pages endlessly with no idea whether you're still at the beginning, in the middle or near the end of that section, or where it sits within the paper. You are in effect all at sea with no sight of the shore, which peculiarly, seems to matter more than I thought it would.

Secondly, imagery despite its superior digital potential seems to fare worse on the pad. It gets trimmed. Case in point, Rafael Nadal modelling underwear for Armani. In the printed newspaper we got the full frontal, glistening torso, neatly-packed briefs and all. In the iPad edition of the same article, we got nadal merely waist up. As you can imagine, this was frankly disappointing for a fan such as myself.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time, but not everyone it seems is compatible with iPad, or vice versa, not even the big online hitters like facebook and e-blogger, the very same blog site that hosts this weblog. I can't post blogs via my iPad, nor can I send facebook mail. This is because the iPad keyboard frustratingly fails to appear when required, despite feverish frustrated tapping on the part of yours truly.

Somewhat irritating as the keyboard had appeared to allow me to write a lengthy message to a fb friend then resolutely refused to appear when I attempted to tap in her address. After trying several times I misfired a forceful tap, accidentally cancelled said message and had to resort to calling. Speaking to the individual for goodness sake. In this day and age. Most annoying.

Finally, it seems that the pleasure of viewing adobe flash via the iPad is denied me due to an apple/adobe 'incompatibility', presumably a euphemism for 'inability to agree terms'. That's an awful lot of website content rendered inaccessible to an avid surfer such as myself, not least an important section of the most wondrous

So, although I still heart my iPad, if apple or the app people could just resolve these little distractions I'd be utterly devoted. That's all.

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