Monday, November 22, 2010

First entry - the whys and wherefores.

Always been a bit of a late adopter me. Hence the decision to blog, web log, several years after this particular activity lost its kudos.

But then, I'm probably not doing it for the normal reasons. I'm doing it purely to get stuff down, develop the scribe habit. Stop sitting around pontificating, posturing and endlessly procrastinating, and hope that in regularly setting fingers to keypad, I may come to write something substantial. I'm not talking Keats or Trollope substantial, no no no, just a readable work of fiction with a middle, beginning and end.

The mutterings here will not form said story merely, I'm hoping, oil the wheels, so don't expect to find chapters, or episodes like you would in some banal cyber-soap. If I ever do write a book, I doubt I'll be inclined to give it away. Would you?

So there you have it. I don't expect anyone to follow my blog, it's written purely for my own purposes, like a diary might be, but you never know I may write something that relates to someone out there, which is why I'm here, in the public domain rather than solitarily confined to microsoft word. Also its 'public' status will, I'm speculating, encourage greater commitment from myself.

The design? Well, it's fertile isn't it, in the hope that I shall one day harvest the structured plotline that I seek. And because it was the template I liked most - it's fresh and healthy, and a pleasure to come back to time and again. That said, it could be because vegetables do and have for the last few years played a major role in my life - refer to profile - however, beyond the odd reference this blog will not be about them. Unless they warrant it.

It will be about...well I'm not sure what it will be about. I shall just write whenever about whatever's front of mind, and we'll see. Hmm.

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